Molecular recognition - Galectin chemistry and biology -
Chemistry of neural interfaces - Malarial DHODH medicinal chemistry

The research interest in our group is focused on molecular recognition studies in biological systems and in artificial model systems, biology and medicinal chemistry of galectins and DHODH enzymes, and chemistry at CNS-machine interfaces.

One project concerns the synthesis of receptors designed to recognize biomolecules. Mimicking Nature's recognition molecules by de novo synthesis of small and specific receptors would greatly simplify the study of  recognition events in aqueous solution, thus complementing studies of e.g. carbohydrate-binding proteins. A second project concerns the synthesis of ligands for the galectins, a family of 14 mammalian lectins recognizing ß-D-galactose- containing glycoconjugates, playing critical roles in inflammation and cancer. The research on galectin proteins is part of a larger network at Lund University. Furthermore, chemistry for optimizing biocompatibility, mechanical stability, and signal properties of neural interfaces are developed. Finally, a medicinal chemistry project exploiting fragment-based design and screening is aiming at developing selective and efficient inhibitors of dihydrooretate dehydrogenase (DHODH), a newly characterized target protein for Malaria.


Ann-Louise Noresson (Ph.D. student)
Alexander Holmqvist (PhD student)
Kristoffer Peterson (PhD student)
Annika Friberg (postdoc)
Priya Verma (postdoc)
Prashant Verma (postdoc)
Maria-Luise Verteramo

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Co-founder of Galecto Biotech AB

See news featured in the Biocentury January 2 2012 issue, in Berlingske January 3 2012, and in MedNous January 3 2012.


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